(Aftermath is a stand-alone, three-part series picking up where the Systemic series left off)

John Stevens and his family have finally found the perfect place to hold out until the chaos that followed the Su flu pandemic blows over. But even the tropical isle they’ve selected, nestled in the balmy warmth of the Caribbean, isn't turning out to be the safe haven they thought it’d be. 

Meanwhile, Ava Acadro, the power-hungry governor of Miami is fighting to take Fort Lauderdale while control for her home city is being challenged by those within her own ranks. Will she be able to sack the city to her north and consolidate her power? Will she be able to rein in her minions and maintain her hold over Miami? Or will the city descend into the chaos it was experiencing when she first arrived? 

The gripping Systemic Series saga continues as the struggle to survive in and rebuild the post-pandemic world rages on.

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