K.W. bounced between the Midwest and the Carolinas early in life having the opportunity to enjoy a litany of outdoor activities in both regions.  He attended Indiana University where he majored in business management before eventually landing in the Chicago area where he worked for Hilton Hotels in both operations and finance.  But writing was in K.W.'s blood. Having a humor writer as a grandfather, who was also senior editor of the Saturday Evening Post magazine, K.W. caught the writing bug at an early age and was never able to shake it.

Since leaving the hospitality industry to pursue a career in writing, K.W. Callahan has written over a dozen books on a variety of subjects.  He has also penned articles for numerous print and online publications that include Yahoo Finance, Chicago Parent Magazine, Stressfree Living Magazine, and many more.

K.W.’s works include the dystopian thriller “Systemic” series, the follow-up to the Systemic series, “Aftermath”, the murder mystery “M.O.D. Files”, the “Pandemic Diaries”, and most recently “The Fifth Phase” series.

You can find all of K.W.'s books available in eBook or paperback versions at Amazon.com.

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