Palos Heights

Something disturbing is occurring at the Palos Heights Recreational Area. People have been disappearing – eight of them in the last year. But this grizzly fact won’t deter four college buddies who have planned a weekend mountain-biking trip to the area. It’s a rare moment for them to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Sierra Nevada Mountains while escaping girlfriends, the city, and the pressures and responsibilities of school. 

What it becomes however, is a forty-eight hour glimpse into hell.

Unbeknownst to the boys, someone has other plans for them. A hooded, hatchet-wielding assailant will force the four unwitting travelers off course and ever deeper into the wilderness. It is in the midst of this unexpected detour that the young men will face decisions only contemplated in their darkest nightmares and that will test not only their mental and physical abilities, but the bonds of their brotherhood as well.

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