Friday, July 14, 2017

Free "Fifth Phase" Book One Giveaway this Sunday, 7/16!

Be sure to pick up a free ebook Kindle copy of book one, "The Continuum Fallacy" in my most recent series, "The Fifth Phase" this Sunday, July 16th!

Book two is already out, and book three is expected to be released toward the end of July or beginning of August!

Thanks for reading!


The Continuum Fallacy
A series of economic, political, and global terror events has brought the United States cataclysmically crashing into chaos. And while the USA might consider itself immune to the same axiomatic truths that consumed the world’s mightiest empires…

…it's not.

Tom and Morgan Crenshaw, owners and operators of a Chicago area coin shop, have found themselves embroiled in the anarchy that has accompanied the decline of the once powerful US. And as the country finds itself faltering in the fifth phase of a civilization’s lifecycle, Tom and Morgan will fight to escape the confusion and disorder the city of Chicago has become. 

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